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  Hamburg's city is dominated by the Lake Alster. Especially in the summer months there are a lot of rowing-, canoeing and sailing boats to be observed. When the weather is fine, many walkers enjoy the Alster by foot. Lombard Bridge and Kennedy Bridge separate the inner- and outer Alster. Also interesting is the Jungfernstieg  with benches on the waterfront You can have a fantastic view on the water fountain.


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Hamburger Fischmarkt

The legendary Hamburg Fish Market is popular and well known by Hamburg visitors. Today, the trade with fish has still an economic importance for the Hanseatic city. In recent years, big buildings with many new offices and commercial space were built in the area.

The nearly 120-year-old Fish Auction Hall is now an event center with catering


The more than 100 years old warehouses in the Speicherstadt of Hamburg are build on oak poles and are listed buildings. Many tourists take advantage of  visiting Hamburg by beginning their trip at Speicherstadt by barge. Today, some of the old houses are used as an office, but you can still find some carpet dealer in that area.


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Hafencity The new Hafencity is beeing built on an area of approximately 155 hectares. Downtown Hamburg will be extended by 40%. Some projects are already completed. The Magellan Terraces and the Marco Polo Terraces are an attraction for many people From the "View Point" you have an excellent view on the entire Hafencity and the new cruise terminal.


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The main church St. Michaelis, better known as "Hamburger Michel", is located near the famous "Landungsbrücken" and attracts many visitors. The 82 meter high tower can be reached via 453 steps or by elevator. From here the view of Hamburg is always worthwhile.

The ruin of church St. Nicholas is also opened to visitors. A glass panoramic elevator takes you to a height of 75 meters.


Hamburger Hafen The Port of Hamburg is a seaport. It is the largest port in Germany and the third largest in Europe. Every day a lot of ships come to Hamburg, especially container ships. Shipyards also have a long tradition in the port of Hamburg. Vessels can easily be observed from the office building "Dockland".There is also a jetty for harbor ferries.


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Virtual roundtrip through the Port of  Hamburg

St. Pauli Landungsbrücken are built in 1839, when they were used as a jetty for steam ships. Later, they were called "Gateway to the World"  because many vessels started here for voyages to many countries. Nowadays St. Pauli Landungsbrücken are visited by many tourists, because several harbor-roundtrips and city tours are offered here.  Also, the museum ship "Rickmer Rickmers" is a tourist attraction. The "Old Elbtunnel" from 1911 is an absolute must for every visitor of Hamburg.


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Köhlbrand The "Köhlbrand" connects the southern and northern part of Elbe River in Hamburg and is approximately 300 m wide. During driving on "Köhlbrandbrücke" which was built in 1974, you have a wonderful vista on the Kölbrand. Very interesting is the modern container terminal Altenwerder. You can also watch  the Kattwykbrücke very well from here. On the 290 m long vertical lift bridge is traffic to another part of the harbor and the railway.


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The former fishing village Oevelgönne was later inhabited by pilots. Even today, the beautiful houses near the boardwalk are admired by many people. museum-harbour Oevelgönne is located at the ferry-jetties Oevelgönne in Neumühlen and is an interesting tourist attraction. Not far from here is the famous "Strandperle" located, the small usually well-attended beach-bar. A place with a nice maritime ambiance!


Süllberg West of Hamburg, the trail along the Elbe River leads to Blankenese. A walk through the picturesque neighborhood with many impressive buildings and endless stairs should not be missed. The Elbe-City-Jet, a ferry-boat, stops near the beach of Blankenese.



Hamburg's Stadtpark (city park) measures about 1.5 square kilometers and offers visitors great leisure facilities. Especially in the summer months a lot of people enjoy beeing outside in the park for a barbecue or  just for sunbathing. Many open-air concerts are held here regularly. Numerous pubs, restaurants and cafes can be found in or near Hamburg's Stadtpark.The planetarium is also worth to be visited.


Planten un Blomen Hamburg's beautiful park "Planten un Blomen" has a size of 470,000 m2 and is located in the heart of the Hanseatic city. Admission is free and there are many interesting performances, especially in summer.Highlights of Planten un Blomen are the waterlight concerts, a rose garden, tropical greenhouses, the apothecary garden, the Japanese garden as well as numerous works of art and the popular roller skating rink that is used in winter as a skating rink.



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